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Iit captures the feel of early 60s perfectly, before the decade began to swing. What it isn't about is football (or even, come to that, girls) - that is almost incidental, a core to build the story around.Above all this is a warm, happy, gentle, perfectly paced film that would appeal to just about anyone of any age. Webcamlogs, Cheap sex reviews provides you with straight to the point webcamsex site and webcamsex girl reviews. Check out our camgirls in free chat now and choose you favourite girl to fulfill your dirty wishes!

A perfect evocation of what it is to be young, as well as being a sports fan.

I was a young girl during this period and can guarantee that this was how it was for us.

I watch it these days with a sigh, remembering that in those days, life was so straightforward for us.

I have seen this movie many times and it never fails to impress with its accurate reflection of the times.

The actors are all spot-on, especially the younger ones.