Pc application for updating maps or software

Well, Tanker Bob expanded into the Pocket PC world on March 23, 2005 with a Dell Axim X50v.

Originally, I intended to create a new Pocket PC website to parallel my Palm OS site.

Your device may be up to date if you docked your device frequently or recently purchased it.

This displays different continents around the world. You can also choose more than one country by using the multi-select option present in the bottom bar.

Memory management is a bit different on Pocket PCs.

The Axim has 91.4MB of user-available, non-volitile, Built-in Storage (BIS) in which to store applications and data.

Remember, downloading maps data for whole continent could be very bulky and may shoot up your internet bill if you are on a limited plan.

So choose the region wisely depending on your requirement.