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My underestimation of the ' Brandon Lee' factor was due to my failure to factor in that people generally thought of Heath Ledger as a 'good' actor, a trait that Lee sadly did not share) that has left me giddily anticipating the long-term failure of the film Friday the 13th, which I also absolutely loathed.

Luckily for me, this time the numbers are backing my hatred of a film up.

“He was a really sensitive person,” Sanchez Loebick said.

“He was talented, bright, and he marched to the beat of his own drummer.

Club members Susu (wild divorcée now studying law), Teeny (abandoned woman turned corporate mogul), Diane (displaced wife now fashion designer), Linda (unflappable Jewish mother now in crisis), and Georgia (married narrator newly in love with her husband) unite to save old pal Pru from addiction.We were always torn, 'We're going to do nudity, we're not going to do nudity,' and if you push it too far, it becomes gratuitous.By not showing anything, it becomes more sexualized, more attractive and seductive.The film has been compared to a live-action Itchy and Scratchy Show, but there's a much richer vein of sardonic humor beneath that flesh.At its blackly comedic core, it is an oddball chamber comedy about unexpected guests, with a thick twist of blood-drenched revenge fantasy thrown in (imagine Dexter meets Hatchet 2, with an undoubted dash of Entertaining Mr.