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Oh, and thanks to our beta testers, and of course tlaero for making that easy to sue Adventure Creator. One thing, though: I think you should increase the "date count" by at least 1 or 2. Some browsers are likely to add the extension and others not so much (those that don't will give a lovely, file not found error).2.NOTE: For one reason or another, the downloadable version doesn't work on chrome. I mean, it is ok that she starts to like the player, but after all, a girl who made it to college being a virgin prolly won't throw her virginity to a guy who only went on like 1 date with her. park4c doesn't reference an image in the html file (src=""), so there is just the brief text and choices.My visa was about to expire in Thailand, so I decided to visit him in CDO for my second trip to the Philippines.

Biohazard Bitches Video s so sick and twisted you know you re gonna want to show your friends! She quickly learned that the witty humour is for your amusement, not to keep a smile on her whore face. 2257 compliance - webmasters Biohazard Bitches Julia Julia came in laughing, thinking everything I said was so funny. So I'd suggest to add another date option AFTER you get the grade for the paper, would make it even more convincing (and a lot more fun! (I suppose this could be intentional, but I imagine it should have an image)Suggestion: People do often like achievements in any form, but I think they are better when one can see them before achieving them.They can be veiled references, but at least let players see how many there are, and preferably give some clue what they might be (so players have a sense of direction when trying to pursue them). The story line is rather nice and not as "unrealistic" as you often find them in such games.