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Conception is only possible from about five days before ovulation through to the day of ovulation.

These six days are the “fertile window” in a woman’s cycle, and reflect the lifespan of sperm (five days) and the lifespan of the egg (24 hours).

"Even if the timing is perfect, the chance of any one given egg resulting in a pregnancy is pretty low," Lauren Roth, M. The biggest issue is that something can be genetically up with an egg, she explains.

D., a reproductive endocrinologist who treats patients at Shady Grove Fertility's Harrisburg, Pa. That can make it hard for the egg to get fertilized or implant properly.

In a normal pregnancy, having sex is not linked with early miscarriage. Kurki T, Ylikorkala, 1993, Coitus during pregnancy is not related to bacterial vaginosis or preterm birth.

Try not to worry if you do get a vaginal infection.

Unless you choose to find out your baby’s sex on ultrasound, you will just have to wait to find out if your suspicions were right.

Finding your fertile window At ovulation, an egg is released from the ovary.

If there is sperm waiting around at that time, there is a good chance it will be fertilised and grow into a baby.

D., New York practice director for the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, tells SELF.

That's because the physical stars really have to align in order for you to conceive.