Profitable plenty of fish dating case study

It wasn’t just that the ads with more conversions received more clicks, the clicks actually converted better.

I’m unsure what to draw from this…Guys dig crazy eyes?

As you can see I made two identical ads; the only difference was they were served as different ad formats.I'll try an update this thread everyday, but we'll see how that goes.Day 1: Choosing A Vertical, Demographic and Offer I think that it is definitely possible to push something that is not dating on pof, why would you do that? Generally if a network sees your trying, and you fall a little under this they'll pay you weekly anyway. Convert2media has a nice google doc that they update with the top offers. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that older users are worth more than younger ones.Plenty of Fish recently added a new targetting option.You now have the option to target people who have pets.