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Play Station Network is offered and maintained by Sony.The decisions to retire older EA games are never easy.My stick is older and the menus run extremely slow. This month, Play Station Vue streaming television service became available across the U. in a cheaper, slimmed down package that has no live local television, as it did in the original test cities.I’m hearing 1st gen Fire Boxes run slow, but 2nd gen (2015) clicks pretty well. I refer you to the following reports and posts for background and details, as well as comparisons to Sling TV, another popular streaming service used by cord-cutters (people cutting the cord with cable TV).were pretty sure we have the method correct in 1.9.83. Put your usb stick, and psx memory card in the ps2. Boot the PS2 w/ the FMCB card inserted and the psx memory card. (the file name must be a valid Games region string. Now still in fmcb go to the mc slot w/ the psx card in it and use mc Paste from the menu 6.Please try keys and seeds from the ps3 dev wiki let us know what combos work for you. After it copies u can turn off the ps2 and put the PSX memory card in your memory card a dapter for the PS3 7.

Unless the game player has successfully connected with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, the WFC ID will be blank.Also you can play it on ANY PS3 by using that account. Not sure if cards only work on accounts from their country or not but I do know the PSstore you access depends on the region your account is in. You should either double check your info or make sure you understand what I said.Here's an example of what I'm saying: when you download a game as user 1 user 2 can sign in and play the same game without paying for it as long as both users are on the same PS3.Each of these will have good and bad things to say, so I don’t think it’s redundant to read more than one. There’s no need for me to explain what is already written.The purpose of this post is to address whether you need a Play Station or not.