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Field workers often create Excel spreadsheets to track data and run their processes. Here's how Carlsberg Danmark centralized business process management, created an orderly system with consistent data, and saved hundreds of hours in backoffice time.AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and other advanced analytics technologies make up the leading-edge of how organizations are gaining value from big data.We are working on a new concept that moves away from tags and toward topics, to simplify how content is accessed and delivered. Listed members received at least one nomination from another community member during the nomination period. At the beginning of the year SAP Mentor Matthias Steiner posted a teaser on Twitter stating that 2017 would be a big year for SAP Cloud Platform and he was right!The next round of voting determines the final Appreciation Award recipients. In this blog post, Matthias looks at the traditional cloud model and explains SAP’s strategy for SAP Cloud Platform.Bayesian inference is a method of statistical inference in which Bayes' theorem is used to update the probability for a hypothesis as more evidence or information becomes available.Bayesian inference is an important technique in statistics, and especially in mathematical statistics.Bayesian inference computes the posterior probability according to Bayes' theorem: – the posterior probability of a hypothesis is proportional to its prior probability (its inherent likeliness) and the newly acquired likelihood (its compatibility with the new observed evidence). If the evidence does not match up with a hypothesis, one should reject the hypothesis.

You might also want to adjust and augment the configuration later on.: The submittal date problem where servers in different time zones showed dates that were a day off has been resolved. NET 4.5.2 update to all Project Center client machines before updating.If you do not do this, Project Center will prompt users to install .Cloud Foundry-based environment on SAP Cloud Platform includes an SAP HANA as a Service offering, which enables the XS Advanced Programming Model now also on SAP Cloud Platform.If you don’t know the XS Advanced Programming Model, learn more in this blog post by Sven Kohlhaas.