Reasons for dating a nurse

So it stands to reason that they would also make excellent partners in life. We enlisted some real nursing spouses to share a few of the other sweet, somewhat fluffy, but altogether valuable reasons everyone should marry a nurse.

Without nurses, there'd be no leverage between the waiting room and a visit with the doctor.Related article: Top 20 Funniest Pick-Up Lines for Nurses They might be dedicated in doing their daily Nursing tasks but they still have their own definition of “love-life balance” intact.So if you’re planning to date one, don’t be discouraged but be thrilled even more. Simply because a nurse is one heck of a lover and a person who will always bring special treats and surprises on the table.Nurses are the first people you see when you're in post-op, the first people to tell you how great you did on the operating table and the first people to keep a room full of concerned and confused faces calm after a major disaster strikes or an accident occurs.And though they're often undermined when it comes to professional success, hospitals, doctors and patients are better off because of nurses.