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Surprise details also often catch the eye when you gesture in a particular way or when you look down at your hand.Browse nine engagement ring designs featuring beautiful surprise details: From the top the Pirouette Ring appears to be a perfect execution of a timeless solitaire design, but the side view reveals a breathtaking surprise—sparkling pavé diamond accents encircle the underside of the center gem.

If you wear an engagement ring with surprise details many people will never notice them, but you will know they’re there and can take pleasure in looking at the intricate, thoughtful little touches woven into your ring’s design.

Some 55 per cent chose to reunite with someone they loved when they were 17 or younger - their first love - and 29 per cent chose a former sweetheart from late adolescence.

The researchers found the most common reason for the initial romance breaking up was parental disapproval, accounting for 25 per cent of cases.

The study is the first done on people reunited with a lost lover after years apart.

Nancy Kalish and colleagues from California State University found it was not just the nostalgia of ageing that made people look for their first love.