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While the wiki is down please look for all answers to questions and help through the project page.

26 December 2009 - Php Ged View 4.2.3 Released Php Ged View 4.2.3 offers an updated reports subsystem, numerous bug fixes, compatibility with PHP5.3, and restores compatibility with Postgre SQL which was lost in 4.2.2.

The vacancy for this job is only available in Dutch.

EVE compliancy solutions is een succesvolle leverancier van compliancy software, gevestigd in het Forepark in Den Haag.

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DH had my camera and FIL had DH's i Phone so he could shoot video [which didn't turn out, since FIL covered the mic with his finger].If I wanted to enlist today, I had to get up there ASAP. When I got to my recruiter's office, I initialed and signed off on a ton of documents.Unfortunately, my own break was right then and there. I'm in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP), which means I have to check in with her twice a month before I leave for BMT. I've done plenty of fingerprinting in education, but mainly via Livescan.We start at the top and work our way down, holistically, involving every area of your business, so no solution or enhancement is overlooked. We work by leveraging your business’s strong points, creating a base on which to grow.We take the long view, not just working with you today, but always being here for your future.