Rula jebreal julian schnabel dating

Schnabel was married to clothing designer Jacqueline Beaurang and later to Basque actress Olatz López Garmendia before he became involved with Jebreal.

(2010), tells the story of a Palestinian girl’s coming of age in Israel during the First Intifada (uprising) in the late 1980s to the signing of the first Oslo Accords in 1993.

Their romance led to a divorce from his second wife Spanish actress, Olatz López Garmendia.

We reported in March 2011 how Schnabel and Jebreal got into a heated exchange in front of MSNBC “Morning Joe” staff at 30 Rock, where Schnabel was heard shouting in the makeup room at Jebreal that he didn’t like how the stylists had curled her hair.

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He has likened Israeli treatment of Palestinians to apartheid South Africa, sparking criticism from the pro-Israel lobby.Julian Schnabel’s sultry ex Rula Jebreal has found romance in the arms of Arthur G.Altschul Jr., the playboy banking scion who was once engaged to Miss World Sallie Toussaint.In treating her personal and political awakening as intertwined, the film has an intensely felt authenticity that is often moving, if sometimes over-earnest.And given a cultural milieu that consistently marginalizes or disputes the veracity of Palestinian accounts of life in Israel, the film is quite courageous for including in its narrative references to the historic crimes of the Israeli state, albeit brief ones.