Rules about dating friends exes

Basically, everybody’s dating everybody (and we’re cool with that) but when you make the moves on another guy’s ex, there are a few rules you should live by—and they have nothing to do with antiquated and sexist notions of “bro code.” Here’s how to respect your new girl and keep your friend.Get over ‘man rules’If your buddy’s over his ex, there’s no reason not to date her.

Are your gal-pals' ex-boyfriends fair game, or does the "exes code" still apply? What if that number changes to two years (or decades)? And what if their split was acrimonious — or your friend still carries a torch long after logic dictates that it should have been distinguished?One type that falls into this category is your friend's ex-boyfriend.There may be certain circumstances that would allow for that romantic interest to bloom, but there are also many reasons why it's not such a good idea.To explore these issues, I spoke to several women who shared their new tenets for the "old" exes code with me.According to them, not all exes are created equal — so evaluate the risks involved and proceed accordingly! Do you know what really happened between the two of them? The results might help sway your decision one way or another.