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Finland has the West’s finest education system, according to the Organization for Economic Coöperation and Development.Sweden has taken in more refugees, proportionally, than any European country.Moreover the carvings are made so accurate and detailed that it is relatively easy to compare the iconography with the, often datable, archaeological finds.This creates the possibility for a chronological division of many of the images.

“Everyone is here looking for love.” According to an interview with a Wall Street Journalist, 28-year-old Catherina Hvistendahl from Greenland only knows one other young single adult under the age of 40, and that’s her brother.

Finland—which is not strictly Scandinavian, but is often tossed in—gave us Angry Birds and womb chairs. Those who loved “Law & Order” or “The West Wing” might today watch “The Killing,” “Wallander,” and “Borgen.” The last issue of declared the new “It diet” to be eating like a Viking.

Peek behind a fad these days, in other words, and you are apt to find a Scandinavian, pedalling hard.

And replace him with Joulupukki, who comes from Lapland rather than the North Pole.

He visits after dinner, on Christmas Eve, in person. In Sweden, the average worker pays close to 60% of his or her wages in taxes and government fees.

Scandinavian dating services