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” (it made sense at the time); Ben was the hot jock (a swimmer); Noel was the hot nerd (an RA).Also, he would say things like, “I gave blood last month,” and, “I’m not a stalker.” Noel definitely grew up to have a well-regarded Twitter account. Ben didn’t know any better, which is one of the most impressive amounts to know.Before she signed on to the movie, Russell admits that she knew as much about the Apes franchise as much as the average pop culture denizen. Through that, she developed an appreciation for the series—but she wasn’t quite at the level of fandom as Reeves.She knew all the iconic images, and of Charlton Heston, of course. “He would talk about sending away for these (Planet of the Apes) make-up kits—he did it all,” laughs Russell. She spent the day doing on-camera interviews with her co-stars, Jason Clarke and Gary Oldman with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background—which is practically annihilated on the DOTPOTA movie poster. ” Russell says excitedly as I sit down across from her. And the connective tissue between the two of them and Abrams is Felicity, the WB college drama that had the world divided into Team Noel or Team Ben.She’s been on the phone with press for God knows how long, but the by the time it’s my turn to talk with her, she still looks and acts as though her day just started. As I get settled in, I tell her that I just read that it was just recently J. Abrams’s birthday and how it is appropriate that I was interviewing her. Abrams and Reeves created the show and Russell was the muse that brought the show to life – and won her a Golden Globe. It was funny, but sad and sweet—the combination of J. and Matt was just so good.” It’s been over 15 years since Russell has played the endearing touchstone of college growing pains, but to this day, the three of them maintain a strong friendship that reflects in their moviemaking relationship.I don’t believe that you can be a famous 20-something with that face and that body and also be a standup dude.They don’t get into the specifics of Speedman’s disastrous boyfriend behavior but he does tell a hilarious story about when he first saw Russell’s infamous Felicity, show-ending, not-that-bad-in-hindsight-guys haircut.

Speedman played Ben Covington the handsome athlete who prompted Felicity to drop out of Stanford at the last minute and enrol at a New York university.Gilmore Girls stars Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel dated for about three years while filming Gilmore Girls.It didn't work out in real like for for their characters, but a lot of funs are still rooting for Team Jess when the revival series lands at Netflix.Gossip Girl stars Penn Badgley and Blake Lively dated for three years during the show's run, ending their relationship two years before the show itself ended.Their characters, on the other hand, ended up getting married.

Scott speedman dating 2016