Sedating pets for airline travel

But, if you absolutely must travel with your cat, either because you are moving, or because you just really do not want to leave your cat alone with out you, we have a few travel tips for you to try and make it a little less stressful on all.

Although most dogs travel by air without problems, some need sedation, which increases the risk of complications.

It also prevents your dog from becoming a projectile if you have to stop fast, also reducing the chance of injury for both of you.

Speaking of projectiles, don’t feed your dog a lot before the trip as they are prone to motion sickness. Wait until there’s a break and you can give her a small snack, preferably high in protein.

This can impair its ability to steady itself against sudden movements, which can result in injury.

High altitudes can create respiratory or cardiovascular problems in sedated dogs.

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You’ll be less distracted while driving which is safer for both of you.

Your pet will travel in a special cargo compartment within the aircraft.

This compartment is both climate controlled and pressurized for your pet’s safety and comfort, and it is on the same air circulation system as the cabin.

It’s a little hard to see why they can’t improve their record with companion animals, especially when you consider that, unlike children, animals are obliged to travel in closed containers.

If you want to fly with your dog, consider her behavioral health, her physical health, and her comfort.