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) and note the film's self-aware, purposely campy, ironic humor, ultimately most publications will not rank it among the best films ever made, and that's wrong, for reasons I'll outline below. The coolest anti–The Man brand is still a brand, and all brands want the same thing: to sell you something.

You see, the world is a different place than it was even six months ago, and so relevant, politically charged cultural touchstones like isn't the first story to mock it, but I think it says something that the film's biggest bad is its own parent: MTV. But it's not just that the government and big businesses are colluding to brainwash you and sell you loads of crap; if you try to stop them, they will have you murdered.

she was married to serena altschul’s dad (who passed) and so whitney’s stepsister is serena altschul. her tooth didn’t fall out at all in this episode though, so there went my drinking game based around that.

which makes whitney being a “film producer” make slightly more sense even though it still makes him a crappy one filming T-RAV campaign commercials with hooters girls.

Her brother, Arthur Altschul, Jr., is married to journalist Rula Jebreal and her sister, Emily Helen Altschul, is married to journalist John Miller.

She also has two half-brothers, Charles Altschul and mathematician Stephen Altschul, from her father's previous marriage.

I forgot how much Bethanny and Ramona together talking over one another makes me want to find a xanax and wash it down with a full-fat-salt-rimmed-margarita.

A curated playlist of music by Harley Viera-Newton set the mood for the chic set.

As New York City's longest-running junior benefit, the Winter Dance brings together influential young philanthropists to celebrate and to raise essential funds for the Museum's scientific and educational programs.

This year, the theme of the evening was Winter Dance Underwater with an intimate dinner, followed by dancing (to Harley Viera-Newton), and demonstrations by magician/mentalist Ryan Oakes, all beneath the blue whale in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life.

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