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One of the mecha-producing companies builds David, an artificial kid which is the first to have real feelings, especially a never-ending love for his "mother", Monica. I was completely blown away by it and will definitely go see it many more times in the cinema.

Monica is the woman who adopted him as a substitute for her real son, who remains in cryo-stasis, stricken by an incurable disease. Hundreds of millions of people starved in poorer countries. This is one of the classic movies of all time and I was appalled by the complete lack of understanding by many of the other user-comments.

Voor de vijfde editie zet het festival in op een gevarieerder aanbod van de energieke house-sound en toont op alle stages lef door locals te laten spelen op prominentere tijdsloten.

Ook heeft het zomerse festival een primeur met de eerste Nederlandse stagehosting van Knee Deep In Sound. Geen gezeur om "likes" of zo veel mogelijk vrienden uitnodigingen.

It's not like 'oh my God, I can't.' If I wanted to have a drink, I could. If I wanted to do drugs, I guess I could do drugs, but I don't like drugs.

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