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Taxis cost approx £25 and take approx 30 mins (10 miles / 16km).

~ Liverpool Airport is 40 mins to Manchester on the Terravision coach (£8) with stops at Sackville Street (Gay Village) and Shudehill (Northern Quarter).

Trams also connect other parts of Manchester city centre to the station.

~ Victoria Station is next to Manchester Arena and offers alternative routes.

[find cheap flights to Manchester]Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2014, this plush 5 Star hotel is located inside the historic Free Trade Hall, a building made famous for its musical concerts, which alongside the likes of The Halle Orchestra, Queen, Pink Floyd and ABBA, included Bob Dylan's now legendary "Royal Albert Hall", "Judas!

" gig in 1966 and the Sex Pistols historic 1976 gig which kick started the Manchester punk movement.

During an exploration of Mariposa Military Base, he was exposed to FEV.

Initially, he mutated into what appears to be an ordinary ghoul, but was later distinguished by a tree growing out of his head some years later.

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