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It wasn't always that way and times have, of course, now moved on; a new exhibition at the Women's Library, Between the Covers: Women's Magazines and Their Readers, documents the changing face of women's magazines, their representations of femininity and social impact.

The first British women's magazine was the Ladies' Mercury, published by John Dunton, the bookseller and editor of the Athenian Mercury in 1693.

It didn't last long, but in the next 200 years precursors to the modern women's magazine sprang up like daisies in a lawn.

Eighteenth and 19th-century printing technology limited the possibilities for cover illustrations and, by the mid-19th century, photographs.

But because the magazines did not sell on newsstands, the publishers did not have to "sell" themselves through their front cover.

Most had no pictures at all or, like a June 1891 issue of The Woman's Herald, carried a picture of a dour, spectacled, matronly figure such as the novelist Adeline Sergeant.

A smiling woman in a green twinset and pearls holds up a china plate bearing a dozen homemade iced fairy cakes.

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The length of a cycle depends on when you ‘ovulate’ or ripen an egg. It all depends on our life-style and genetic make-up. If this has not happened to your sister before and she had sex about two weeks before this one-day-period, one explanation could be that she is pregnant.

(Bachelorette: Jillian.) Alas, the feeling isn't mutual.- Michelle (Bachelor: Jake) looks at Wes and says she wants to "cut his thing off." PHOTOS: Bachelor stars' scandalous pasts Instead of a drawn-out cocktail party, the contestants get to shmooze by the pool. The winner of each competition gets a rose and he/she gets to pick three people to go on a date with. (The guys way outnumber the girls for now, but eventually, Chris promises the numbers will even out.) Got that?

During this date, the winner will hand out one more safe-from-the-vote rose. No obstacle-running-blindfolded-in-the-mud here; the competition is but a game of Twister. Nothing like the sight of hard-bodied men and women trying to get their foot to the red dot to get the hormones raging.

It’s an effort directed under the auspices of an international nonprofit called Days for Girls.

The Washington state-based organization seeks to provide reusable kits so girls and young women don’t have to skip school or stay home from work — or use rags, paper or corn husks — to deal with their menstrual periods.