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As an openly gay black man living with HIV, what are the ways you are staying empowered in a society that’s still largely misinformed and stigmatizes by the virus?

People made jokes, but never considered it harassment. For the first time, I went to a school where the people on the wall had notable achievements. These lessons built a foundation for empowerment, and recognizing that validation would not always come from others. I use these lessons to survive and manage today, even around my sexual orientation and HIV status.

At one point, he instructed her to remove her underwear."I'm just trying to help you! "I know you're trying your hardest to prove you're my biggest fan.

Robert Letroy Howard, 38, has been arrested for the 12-year-old's murder.

At the South By Southwest culture and music festival this week, Jones introduced a documentary film series and curriculum called that college teams can use to educate athletes.

She hopes one day it will become a part of NCAA-mandated education for student-athletes.

I was fortunate to have my grandmother living in our house. Around her, we were never allowed to say “I don’t care.” She showed us the worth of caring for everything and everyone — and she really tried to care for everyone. My very first job, around the age of 11, was delivering papers in our local community neighborhoods. In high school, I was never harassed because of my perceived sexuality or because my limp wrist.

Race was an issue that my family talked about, and we had a collection of Black encyclopedias that I would read often as a child.