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There slept a Harris family friend, Marque Surles, 7. Multiple forms of evidence corroborated Sells's confession and Krystal's uncontradicted testimony, including: the location of the murder weapon; the medical examiner's testimony regarding Kaylene's injuries; forensic tests confirming the presence of Sells's blood and clothing fibers on Kaylene; and forensic tests confirming the presence of Kaylene's blood and clothing fibers on Sells. Sells argues that Mc Donald's representation was deficient because Mc Donald failed to diligently investigate and offer proof of the trial attorney's failure to develop and present mitigating evidence at sentencing. Sells's reliance upon the length of his habeas petition or the number of claims it raises in no way establishes the unreasonableness of Mc Donald's actions.

In the master bedroom, he flicked his lighter again and found Crystal Harris asleep with her daughter Lori, 12. Sells was subsequently indicted for the murder of Kaylene Harris and the attempted murder of Krystal Surles. FN12 As proof of Mc Donald's incompetence, Sells points to the fact that the habeas petition filed by Mc Donald was only 22 pages, only raised four claims, and was supported by only two exhibits. The fact that Mc Donald delegated the investigation of additional mitigating facts to an experienced mitigation specialist is not troublesome at all. Here Sells contends that the TCCA misapplied Supreme Court precedent interpreting the due process rights of criminal defendants.

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After one heated argument, a former board member had called the Fremont police on Khan’s brother.

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He opened the door and flicked a flame to his cigarette lighter. There he led them through a videotaped narrative re-enactment of his crime, describing in detail how he murdered Kaylene Harris and attempted to murder Krystal Surles. We begin by examining whether Sells can carry his burden of establishing the constitutional inadequacy of his first habeas counsel, Terry Mc Donald (Mc Donald). Men gather for iftar, the breaking of the fast, during Ramadan in June at the Islamic Society of East Bay mosque in Fremont, Calif.The mosque turned to a court-appointed arbitrator from outside the Muslim community to deal with turmoil in its management.The man used the blade he was carrying, a 12-inch boning knife, to try to trip the lock on the back door. Upon being arrested, Sells immediately confessed to the murder. That failed, and so did an attempt to enter the home through a rear window that held an air conditioner. In a videotaped statement of his confession, Sells indicated that he was glad to have been caught so that he would not hurt others, and briefly alluded to another young girl that he may have murdered in Kentucky.