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Although the country club, which was frequented at the time by soap stars, including Sid Owen and Daniella Westbrook, Ricky Butcher and Sam Mitchell in Eastenders, Page 3 girls, and footballers, is within Essex, it was a part of the county at the time covered by the Metropolitan Police, which was the investigating force.

There is no suggestion any of these celebrities were there on the night of Pearman's murder, however.

All copy birth certificates we supply are fully certified copies which are suitable for all official purposes.

Some reasons for obtaining a certificate include an application for copy marriage certificate, applying for an academic course, applying for a passport or a driver's licence.

Darren Pearman, 27, was knifed to death outside Epping Forest Country Club, in TOWIE mecca Chigwell, Essex, on October 3 1999.

The victim, a member of a notorious gang in Canning Town, East London, was stabbed multiple times during a mass brawl with doormen outside the club owned by notorious businessman David Hunt, 55.

One of the most common reasons is that the original certificate was lost or mislaid. Generally, there will be no special needs for the order to be completed, beyond the initial supplying of information and payment. The full birth certificate contains all the recorded details provided at the time of registration in the entry of the birth register.

Birth certificate replacements do not require a signed release or similar for the order to be processed. The short birth certificate only gives the child's full name, sex, date and place of birth (Grays).

There are lots of approaches to converting—from stealth to cold turkey—and you can pick the one that fits your comfort level. Would Meryl Streep's character in The Devil Wears Prada be taken so seriously without that mane of snowy hair?

Depending on the product you use, you might be smearing your noggin with lead, mercury, coal tar or formaldehyde. Cathy Highland, a celebrity stylist with AIM Artists Agency in Beverly Hills, California, notes that if your gray hair is tinged with yellow, which is sometimes the case if your hair was naturally blond or a warm brunette, your colorist can correct this with salon treatments that bring out blue or violet rather than gold hues. Crane says that most of the women she met while writing her book were thrilled with their new gray hair, but one woman went back to coloring after someone assumed she was her elderly father's wife.

So why am I putting something called p-Phenylenediamine just a few millimeters from my brain eight times a year? • Just wait out the growth, trimming off the old color until you're left with purest silver (a short haircut speeds the process along). I was lucky to find that my (current) real hair color is a shiny salt and pepper mix, and my friend Sue happily describes her chic gray hair as her "precious metals"—a little bit each of silver, gold and copper. "Amazing grays confront the reality of getting older," she says, "and embrace the challenges in their lives." 10. Going gray doesn't have to be permanent unless you want it to be.

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