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Don’t wear your vagina.”) And last, but certainly not least, a major party’s nominee for president dismisses nearly half the population of the country he hopes to lead as shiftless freeloaders leading a life of luxury as government dependents—so much so, in this vision, that L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon must soon be accepting food stamps along with American Express.

And yet, in the words of Sam Cooke, while it may be a long time coming, I know a change is gonna come.

Vast hordes of anonymous and seemingly tireless Internet commenters take to the boards to vehemently defame anyone with whom they might have the slightest disagreement—as a monster, a Nazi, a whore, or worse.

Televised panels of professional yentas, as purposeful and solemn as any , gather to hand down judgments on everything from what clothes people wear to their aptitude as parents (and look, I’m not saying Dina Lohan is going to win any Mother of the Year awards, but it’s pretty rich coming from Sharon Osborne).

Sorry but NO poolside lounges, lazy boys, banquet or folding metal chairs or inflatable chairs or couches allowed. The Stagecoach Festival trademarks, intellectual property, passes and wristbands may NOT be used for advertising, promotions, contests, sweepstakes, or any commercial purpose. Refrigeration for the results is available only at the “main” medical tent location near the Palomino tent. Sorry no umbrellas, those block the view of other festival goers.

The only exception is for the festival’s official sponsors (and even they need formal written authorization from the festival’s producers). You wouldn’t want someone with an umbrella blocking your view either right?

You should identify yourselves to security while waiting to enter the venue.

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