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We always wonder why so less women realize this situation and fight against it. It is our intention to point out our basic situation to find out why in a scene, which is a good o­ne in our opinion, has so less women in it!!!

Argentina is the 2nd largest country in South America, and it has long been regarded for more than its love for Eva Peron in the musical Evita.

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Women might be allowed to lean the same professions as men nowadays but they often get paid less than their male colleagues.

They’re also not so easily employed because they migh become pregnant.

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Speaking for us, we actually always feel pretty well at shows and also catch ourselves talking to others, debating or simply fooling around; or if you read song-texts and deal with them, if the occasion arises also in greater detail. But also to connect with other people and opinions, to get to know new goals and to realize them together. Of course fun is also big part of it when we meet our friends at a show, but o­ne should not forget that the bands, respectively also the people who deal with it, have something to say.

o­ne gets to know people who look behind the facade, who recognize the world- and most of all the society around them and who question it. In this society we (have to) live in, there’s still a strong structure concerning sex, which keeps women in check in many ways and puts them inferior to the men.