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Last month, we called guys out for all of the awkward things they do in bed that taint a woman's pleasure and/or incite laughter (usually both).The ladies yukked it up at the expense of inept men everywhere, and conceded, "Yeah, dudes can do some pretty strange things post-coitus." For the sake of fairness, we decided to turn the tables on the ladies and expose the less-than-attractive (and in some cases, less-than-sane) moves women make. Join us as we dissect the many awkward things women do after sex. But with giant poo monsters and hyper-intelligent poo monsters to deal with, will they be able to stop the endless cycle?: A good sequel should surpass the original, and this one sure as hell does, in every way imaginable. Alloteuthis, the 'Other Cephalopod' - 11,600 words - added 14th April 2002 (orig.

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The girl doesn’t limit herself to poop fetish action but tries a whole lot of other things – really perverted things, it should be said. These two dirty gardeners are used to dealing with poop – or manure, to be precise.It was brilliant, and inspired me to attempt to write another good panty-pooping scene. Accident on the Tube - 38,500 words - added 13th February 2016 (Panty-Pooping, Incest, Exhibitionism) : This is another tale that grew in the telling.I really love these characters - and I hope you will too!No, don’t fret, I’m not talking about the wonderful hardcore sex with two messy facials landing on her beautiful lips and cheeks and I’m not even talking about the shit orgy that followed it leaving her stained with the smelliest and the freshest poop she could get.What I’m talking about here is the crazy enema action that followed the shit orgy making it even messier. It’s definitely not for the first time that I see this brunette.