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You know everybody wants the truth, but they never want MC: Quinn can be pretty brutal, but then you see a soft side every once in a while. Part of her feels like she could end up leaving this world and marrying some really safe guy and having some normal life. " And she was like, "I was like waiting for somebody to do a show about this." And she was explaining how they sort of have more control because they're the ones in charge of the editing. One that I was really fascinated by was if they felt guilty about what they were doing and they kind of looked at me like they hadn't thought about it.But then at the same time, she sees what Quinn's doing and she could kind of do that too. CZ: Because they're the producers, so they feel that they can't be manipulated as much as people are on reality shows. I also met another girl that actually was like Rachel, on the field manipulating the contestants, and she told me some of the far-out crazy things she did. SA: That was weird …CZ: I was trying to spin it into something more exciting!MC: Any behind-the-scenes manipulation tricks surprise you most? Like, I asked how she dresses at work, because my character wears basically the same thing for the whole season, so I asked, "Did you use your sexuality? SA: As the show progresses, things get so much darker than you could ever imagine. " and she said she always makes sure she wears a really lacy bra. But when she's with women, she'll kind of try to button it up. The show’s co-creator, writer and supervising producer Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, said she and fellow co-creator and exec producer Marti Noxon are using the show to expose the reality of the reality TV industry.

(Ah, doesn't it feel like it was just yesterday Max saved Liz's life in the Crashdown diner?! " Appleby captioned an adorable photo of the duo on Instagram.

Up for discussion was the current season of ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” in which two ladies had to compete for the title in the very first episode.

Shiri Appleby, who plays a contestant handler on “Un REAL,” said she tuned in, but quickly tuned out. I watched it for a minute and I felt like I didn’t want to watch it. I don’t watch too much television, but when I do I want to watch things that I enjoy and make me feel good.” “The Bachelor” contestant Ash Lee Frazier and “Bachelorette” alum Zack Kalter, who both appeared on “Bachelor in Paradise,” were among the many former reality dating show contestants also on hand for the party, co-sponsored by Lifetime and Us Weekly.

Constance Zimmer: The logline of the show is: "Behind the scenes of the making of a reality dating competition series." But we're trying to pull back the curtain on reality television, kind of in general. You have to reveal a character's vulnerability because ultimately, underneath it all, we are all the same.

It's a look inside the manipulation that happens and how they make good television. We all have a heart, and we all have feelings, but she just has a job that needs to be done and she will do it no matter what it takes.