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He sang in a church choir and his mother Jessie took him to a consultant because his voice wasn't breaking.

The consultant said that it had probably broken when he was three and would remain unchanged.

Last night, the Spanish royals were hosted by the Queen and Prince Philip along with Duchess of Cambridge, Princes William and Harry , Prince Charles and Camilla, with Britain treating them to the full pomp and pageantry traditionally rolled out for visiting heads of state.

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Tonight, Tori’s boyfriend Bobby showed up and was there to meet the entire family.He actually lives in Florida, but came to see her family.It does look like things are heating up, but their relationship is still in the very early stages.It was commissioned by the Queen from the then Crown jeweller Garrard in 1957, to match a necklace and earrings given by the President of Brazil to mark her coronation in 1953.She was so fond of the set that she wanted a matching tiara.