Single parents dating kids with disabilities Sexy phonechatlines

People are optimistic and tend to think you can always find an understanding partner, even if you are a parent of a disabled child.

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I'd love to hear from any of you in my situation (or who have experience with friends in this situation).

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From the day Eliza was born I knew I was going to be the parent of a child with some kind of special need.When you’re a single parent of a special-needs child, your partnered friends of typical children will say that, over and over again (with great enthusiasm). On the one hand it’s a compliment, but part of me wonders if they are they throwing salt over their shoulder and thanking the gods that they are neither single nor the parent of a special-needs child.The simple answer is that you “do it” because, well, what else would you do?Eliza is now nine and is in an integrated class, with a paraprofessional to assist her and she still receives occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.To get to this point Eliza spent 100 days in the NICU, has had over 5,000 hours of various therapies and her medical needs are attended to by eight different specialists.