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Giggling while to kids were holding hands.(Y/n) was looking at the cherry blossom trees with her hair flowing in the wind perfectly. But anyway to answer your question I'm your dream maker! " They looked at me me shock.' Oh man I messed up!

"Hey (y/n) I kinda wanna ask you something..." I said while she looked at me with what seems like anime eyes."Yes ice-kun? Every time I ever dreamed about (y/n) They never acted this way. They wouldn't love a nerd like me-' "I love you to ice." They said while we were under the biggest cherry tree."R-really?!

The rooms are well appointed and spacious with a modern feel of flat screen Tv's, wifi and decor to march.

It is a great base for spending a couple of days exploring Johannesburg, or after a flight, just relaxing around the pool or in one of the nearby restaurants which are within strolling distance.

I honestly think I would have been doomed by Italy. I slowly get up and quickly grabbed two pillows and put them in between them.

Lottery Winnings is more like an exercise then a group game.

Fire & Ice features five playable characters throughout the story mode, but I found myself playing as Sonic about 90% of the time.

While normally playing as exclusively Sonic would be a positive, his speed is too low to ever get in a good rhythm.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction You are friends with the twins fire and ice. Fire was.a little stupid and didn't think of his actions,but was a social butterfly and was very brave.

Ice was more smarter that fire and always knew wha... I was apparently holding some pasta and Italy was running like a lunatic.