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Do you find yourself sliding from one short-term relationship to another, while longing for a more lasting connection? It seems to be harder than ever to find a partner who understands our needs and meets our requirements for something more.

However, this doesn’t mean you should stop looking.

Healthy relationships require us to be vulnerable and share ourselves completely.

Because we are not merely physical and emotional beings but also spiritual beings, we must share our spiritual side, too, if we truly want to become close with someone.

Relation Meditation Speaking of meditation, there is also the option of practicing what I like to call “relation meditation.”Relation meditation is the practice of couple’s meditation which (of course) involves you and your partner and a more intimate setting than the local yoga studio.

In couple’s meditation, you are seated comfortably or lying down in very close physical proximity to each other.

Instead, change the way you look for potential partners!

At Elite Singles we can help you meet thoughtful, spiritual singles who fit in with your life philosophy.

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After all, it can be tricky enough to meet fellow singles who want long-term love, let alone singles who are looking for commitment a spiritual connection.

They arrive when we are ready to learn the lessons that we were destined to fulfill.

Soulmate relationships are often not forever, this is because sometimes the relationship can be too intense or there is a certain karmic energy to the relationship that sees it come to a close once the necessary lessons have been learnt.

Unexpectedly meeting a soulmate is one of those events... When we're at a pivot-point, we can consciously lift the veil in order to connect deeper to the mysteries of life. They're chaotic because, being unprincipled, they have no mechanism that might govern them other than their own will.

something that can ignite us and unleash feelings we've never had before. Whether or not you buy the concept of reincarnation, we're all here to learn and grow. Or, we can stubbornly hang on with white-knuckled fervor, to what was. If you're questioning the rituals that you were born into, that's great! Because questioning is one of the signs of spiritual awakening. Sometimes, these folks get in touch with their inner chaos, which is a very painful.