Sun biquintile midheaven dating

Venus is sextile or trine Neptune; you may your soul mate in this life time.

Yet if it’s afflicted, you may have a difficult time finding them.

He says I'm forever in an attack mode and I think he's hyper sensitive, critical, condescending, patronizing... Most of the time, I share accurate, well-researched stuff while he's talking crap gathered from the grapevine. He expected me to change and I, today, stick to full forms. We've Sun opp Mercury in composite which doesn't help matters.

If Venus is aspected by Mars; you’ll also find plenty of opportunities.

The ruler of your ascendant is in the house of romance or marriage; you’ll have major love karma in this life.

We're still struggling to understand each other though we explained things clearly, long back. On the other hand, when I asked him to punctuate sentences, he chucked my demand in the dustbin. It is important to have any aspect between mercuries in synastry, IMO.

As invisible mercury, I feel he doesn't see the sensible, rational, intelligent being in me. It took me 3-4 months to show him I've a brain that can rival and even beat his. We talk a lot of 'knowledge' as in science, religion, etc. I know of two people who have tight square and they argue a lot.