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Deadpool's Negasonic Teenage Warhead meet Empire readers. Named after a track by ‘90s gonzo rock contenders Monster Magnet and created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely in the comic-book run, Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s real name is Ellie Phimister.

To add to Ryan Reynolds’ tweet a few months back introducing Deadpool’s new compadre, we have a new shot of the two of them together and up to minimum good.

In Japan he is recognised as the most important director of his generation, spearheading the New Wave movement in the early 60s and 70s with films such as Cruel Story of Youth (Seishun Zankoku Monogatari, 1960) and Night and Fog in Japan (Nihon no Yoru to Kiri, 1960), as an angry young man attacking the establishment with radical politics and an innovative cinematic style.

Il fumetto ha ispirato una serie anime per il piccolo schermo e un film live action per il cinema, guadagnandosi una nomination agli Eisner Award di quest’anno.The old Japanese capital of Kyoto, 1865, towards the end of Tokugawa Period.The elite militia force Shinsengumi is recruiting fighters throughout Japan to suppress rebel samurai activity in the region and defend the shogunate.Her mutant powers may extend to telepathy, a skill she learnt under Emma Frost’s tutelage.If you think her codename is a little, well, out there, Kitty Pryde would probably agree.