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He wants legal recognition of a four-year-long relationship so he can join his partner in the United States.

His partner, a ship captain, will move to New York for his job, but Tsai cannot follow as a spouse, unless Taiwan deems their union legal.

We’re all aware of this fact and have certainly seen mismatched couples consisting of bombshell local chicks with ‘bottom of the barrel-esque’ foreign guys. I’ve had more than my fair share of mock-relationships with both locals and foreigners.

Hell, I even had a short-term fling with a Taiwanese celebrity. The simple fact remains that both locals and foreign guys have no interest in dating us.

On Twitter, someone recommended the website e Renlai, which describes itself as „an Asia-Pacific magazine of cultural, social and spiritual concerns“.

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(Which is not made public.) I am a German reporter living and working in Taiwan.

You may have heard the rumor that Taipei is full of pretty young girls, and it’s true.

They are skinny with long, straight hair and nice skin, talented with makeup and stylishly dressed in their knock-off designer clothes, and they are everywhere.