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You could just say that you two are friends, and it’d be all okay.

Hikari is, for some reason, under the impression that she is “defective goods” and has an inferiority complex.

As a result of that one night with Shuji, Hikari approaches Natsumi …

No proper news sources would report it (for Yahoo it took a few days before article was posted) but the story was already all over the Internet. Back Number sings OST theme for drama “5-ji kara 9-ji made” This comes in as a surprise because i had no idea “5-ji kara 9-ji made” would be so successful internationally. Kisumai Fujigaya Taisuke revealed to be dating Miori Takimoto for years I seldom post about Kisumai let alone Fujigaya so the spike in numbers for this was quite surprising.

Though both parties remained largely silent, to this date, we’re still getting epilogues on the mysterious relationship between Yukirin and Tegoshi. I’ve had readers asking me for titles of tracks which i had no idea of. I guess Kisumai is really huge, or there could be much more shippers of the couple from “Ikemen Desu Ne” that i’m aware of.