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Throughout the Middle Ages, both secular and ecclesiastical objects, such as chalices, cups, reliquaries, caskets, crosiers (a staff carried by bishops and abbots as a symbol of office), and spoons, were elaborately enamelled.With the advent of painted enamels in the Renaissance, tableware was completely covered with enamel, and painted-enamel panels were used to decorate the ceilings and walls of rooms in the châteaus of France.The oracle bones discovered at Yinxi provide us with a tantalising glimpse of the life of Fu Hao.According to the inscriptions on the bones, she led several successful military campaigns against the enemies of the Shang, including the Tu-Fang, a tribe that fought the Shang for generations.Relatively few creative artists of distinction have chosen to work in this medium, however, and it has tended to be purely decorative.Few types of metal objects have not, at some period, been enriched with enamelled decoration.Fu Hao utterly defeated them in one decisive battle.She also led campaigns against the Yi, Qiang and Ba tribes.

Although it is unclear as to the way Fu Hao rose through the ranks, the Shang dynasty oracle bones provide us with some information as to her contributions to the Shang dynasty.Lady Fu Hao is a highly extraordinary character from Chinese history, who lived over three millennia ago.In a society that was heavily dominated by male figures, Fu Hao took on roles that other women of her time would never even dream of taking.You can see us at quality Antiques Fairs throughout the Midlands.We carry a wide range of quality French items, including figures, bronzes, ceramics, glass, lighting and clocks, 1850 to 1950, with a strong emphasis on the Art Deco, and Art Nouveau periods.