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Bridget's funeral service and a wake folllowing took place on August 5th. Otherwise my cost goes up and, as you may know, I'm squeezing my nickels right now.A rather large number of readers and friends suggested (and, in some cases insisted) I post my eulogy for Bridget. I'm a bit self-conscious about it and if anyone has any comments I would like to hear them. Russ's eulogy to Bridget For those few who may not know me. If I scew up anything on this site or in my next newsletter please let me know.By that measurement, up until June 4th, I was about 17 years old. I received a condolence that said “noone could be a stranger to Bridget for very long” I think the ‘long’ was about three minutes. She was 70 years of age but that was just chronology; in her thoughts and everything she did she was still a teenager.She loved everything and everyone, even those who hurt her. Russ (that's me) will continue to maintain this site and perhaps even put out an occasional newsletter. Welcome to Irish Culture and Customs, a labor of love we began several years ago. Over the time it has been ranked as high as 3 619 in the world, while most of its traffic comes from Ireland, where it reached as high as 16 position.Dating.receives less than 0.28% of its total's SE organic traffic cost could be evaluated as .31K (this means the sum of money siteowner would pay for such traffic if it's bought in PPC systems). located on a US server with IP address: 67.1 dating.gets 3.42K page visits per month from search engines via organic keywords.

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