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Imports into the Levant of Greek Protogeometric (PG), Sub-Protogeometric (SPG), Early Geometric (EG) and Middle Geometric (MG) pottery, although limited in number, are nevertheless of the utmost importance for establishing the Greek chronology of these periods and for the study of the nature of the relationship between the two regions (Clairmont 1955; Coldstream 1968: 302-305; Saltz 1978; Waldbaum 1994: 55-59).The earliest example of such imports is perhaps the Tel Hadar bowl.It was identified by Coldstream as a variant of a Euboean Middle Protogeometric (MPG) or early Late Protogeometric (LPG) .A large number of Euboean PG sherds were found at Tyre (Bikai 1978: p Is.

Peleg-Barkat (eds.), New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and Its Region 3: 130-132 (Hebrew). Many films viewed at Sundance were a visually potent picture of the filmmaker’s heartfelt search for answers – and as we brought these filmmakers back to the Windrider Forum classroom, we shaped our Q&A approach to honor their craft, listen to their stories, and find thoughtful, spiritual themes in their work.Our goal is to create live and virtual community spaces across the globe that allow people to thoughtfully explore the centrality of story in how we make and understand meaning in the world.Teenagers are diving into intimate relationships while still learning about the patience, communication, and trust required to make a relationship successful.Relationships are more likely to fail – and to become abusive – when the dating partners are young, immature, and spontaneous.