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Journalists are knowledgeable and well-informed people. They see and know more than ordinary people should know.

They have an opinion about every damn thing, from the Geneva II talks to Shakira and Rihanna’s new video, so if you start a conversation with them they will know how to keep it going.

Go ahead, read with an open mind and decide for yourself. According to pop culture and stereotypical representation, journalists are considered to be dull, anti-social and full of themselves. They get to attend the most happening parties in town, movie premiers, dine at finest restaurants. So all you ladies and lads, get ready to shed some happy tears, for you are going to be loaded with the most mushy, corny and breathtakingly beautiful love letters. Journalists are a perfect blend of being nerdy and smart.

Keeping track of what is going around in the world comes to naturally to them.

Since one of the traits is "reporters have a great 'b.s.

radar,'" it seems fitting that many reporters (journalists, bloggers, etc.) felt the need to point out how wrong this is."Has e Harmony ever met a reporter," asked Buzz Feed's Rosie Gray.

Conversing with them can be engaging, intellectually stirring and endless, since they can discuss anything under the sun.

If you're prepared for your spicy romance to make headlines, check out these eight compelling reasons to let a journalist be your only subscriber.1.

"More like 'reporters usually take cheap freelancing gigs to put Spaghetti Os on the table and have flexible drinking schedules,'" tweeted Poynter's Ren La Forme."You’ll be getting a great Scrabble partner."Scrabble isn't a partners game. In fact, "Hahahaahahahahahahahah," tweeted Vice's Harry Cheadle."Your date will always have interesting stories to tell."Journalists are used to telling stories people don't read. But if you really want to hear about the Mississippi Republican primary or the latest Medicaid enrollment numbers..."Reporters get invitations to swanky events."Yes, like press conferences."Your date will remember your birthday, the way you like your coffee, and that promise you made her last week.

Your words will matter."Your reporter significant other will still forget your birthday.

When you find that special someone who you just click with on different levels, walking away would be foolish.

If the thought of someone putting pen to paper to express her feelings for you sounds incredibly sweet and romantic, why not choose to become exclusive with a journalist?