Tips dating independent women

Meaning, they take the “I don’t need a man” mindset and make it seem like they have no interest whatsoever in the man they are dating, pushing him away and then wondering what happened.What usually follows is a myriad of social media posts about how men “can’t handle her attitude” or something of the sort – when in reality, he just had no interest in feeling like an afterthought in her life.However, there are also some of us who revel in the idea of being independent more.For us, the latter group, it's not necessarily about the comfort we take in being with someone else, but in the comfort we feel in being confident, content and capable — alone or not.That all being said, though, there are still genuine, caring, loving women out there who are still strong and live their own life.They have their own hopes, dreams, and ambitions – but they a teammate beside them as they accomplish all they set out to.There is not, by any means, anything wrong with being invested in a partnership or enthralled by the idea of intimacy, romance and the future. Rather, I seek to discuss the decidedly independent breed of women, who may have a different approach to dating.

In the previous centuries there were very few women who could choose for themselves, so men got what they wanted and knew how to get things done.

But this new breed of women is completely opposite of how women used to be or at least was portrayed to be.

Now, she has a mind of her own, knows what she wants and has learned her way around things.

Seen so many changes like acceptance of diferent people on a larger basis than it was in the previous century and one of the most important changes that are coming about very slowly from the 19century is the empowerment of women.

It’s an overused topic, but then again women are more independent and empowered than they were in the previous centuries.