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Jacobs '05 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2011 with funding from Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries OOpont THE GREAT WHITE SOUTH THE ' TERRA NOVA ' ICE-BOUND. Whilst in the Great White South, during the winter of 1911, Captain Scott expressed to the author the sentiment that it was much to be desired that the youth of the Nation should become conversant with such adventure- as Polar expeditions, as this would help to stimulate ' a fine and manly spirit in the rising generation.' The great explorer's words inspired the writing of this book. Photo by Elliott & Fr viii] INTRODUCTION By LADY SCOTT The author has given me the manuscript of his book to look over, and what good reading it is! Ponting is a great artist with the camera is very widely known, but to find him also writing with so much lucidity and beauty is surprising and delightful. During the storm I was so hard put to it to save my own belongings, that not until the danger was past did I learn the full tale of all that had happened during the two days the ship had been hove-to.

See page 38] [Frontispiece THE GREAT WHITE SOUTH BEING AN ACCOUNT OF EXPERIENCES WITH CAPTAIN SCOTT'S SOUTH POLE EXPEDITION AND OF THE NATURE LIFE OF THE ANTARCTIC BY HERBERT G. If, therefore, this volume should help to foster in some of our boys that love of adventure which has animated all our great Empire Builders ; and in the hearts of some of our girls that approval of chivalrous qualities and gallant deeds which has been the inspiration of the sterner sex throughout the ages, the writer will feel that his reward, for the years spent in securing and preparing the material for this book, will have been richer than he would have dared to hope for when he sailed into the South. In his book, which teems with appreciation of his leader, there seems no word of his leader's appreciation of him. So let my form of introduction be to quote my husband. He is enraptured and uses expressions which in anyone else and alluding to any other subject might be deemed extravagant.' ' Of the many admirable points in his work perhaps the most notable are his eye for a picture and the mastery he has acquired of ice subjects. The tons of water that broke inboard amidships could not, owing to the crowded state of the decks, find the scuppers quickly enough — the scuppers in any case being quite incapable of dealing with such volumes of it — and for a great part of the time the lee rail had been submerged.

Not much of a premium on the first two, but the reel of 4th edition cards is quite nice.

So it seems, in all likelihood given the artwork that has been spoiled, that shocklands are indeed in "Return to Ravnica" with impressive visual boosts.

Sharon: Contestant #1, i believe first impressions last forever.

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Based on the Synchronistic Tables of their Kings, Chieftains and Poets appearing in the^Sangam Literature. SINCE the work now presented to the reader rests solely on the strength of the Synchronistic Table accompanying it, I consider it necessary to prefix a few remarks bearing on the undertaking and execution of such a work, remarks for which I have not been able to find a place in the body of the book itself. Turning to the poems themselves, a goodly number contain no reference whatever to any* king or chieftain.Regardless of the cycle being printed again or not.As per Artwork Subforum Rules and Digital Render Thread Guidelines, we ask that full artist credit be given. Once you have updated your render with the necessary information, you may edit out this modtext, and relink your image. offset=0#/d4r662b Took me less than a minute with reverse image searching on google. Artists are "Viktor Titov & Vika Anokhina" EDIT: I also suggest you update the rest of your tokens with artist credit. Can i just note something about ALL card artworks on here: you CAN use them on cockatrice. Let's Repeat." "A game doesn't need to be won by luck, skill or money, sometimes using none of them works stronger than all of them together." A past-away mate said.Much less or a little less are related to the card. In other words, they're as common as any other Revised card, so a buck or two. Because unlike the Revised version, they used the correct art on that one. Korean 4 reanimate 4 exhume 4 animate dead 4 city of traitors 4 lotus petal 4 BEB 4 REB 4 sword to the plowshare 4 waste land 4 bolt 4 intuition 2 perish 2 duress 1 forteresse de Wöhlrajh 2 choke chinese 4 Relic of Progenitus 4 needle (kamigawa) 4 Explosifs artificiels 4 meddling mage 4 cabal therapy russian 4 tarmo 4 thoughtseize 4 vendillon clique 4 leyline blanche 4 ponder 4 thalia 4 spell snare 4 simian spirit guide 4 Lingering Souls ( 10 token) 1 Dryad Arbor 4 4 mutavault 4 Qasali Pridemage 4 Chevalière du Reliquaire 4 stoneforge 4 deathrite shamane 4 Green Sun's Zenith 4 Noble Hierarch 4 dark confident 4 ley line noir ??? I need "selling" price as i don't need to sit on for a while and means you'll buy those for ^^ thanks for your opinion Got a First appraisal... plateau 115/125 badlands 115/125 bayou 175/185 scrubland 140/150 taiga 185/205 Savannah 195/215 tropical 280/300 volcanic 275/295 tundra 295/315 sea 410/430 Sig by Ace of Spades studio at