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You'll be able to ask questions about Tom Tom GPS devices or chat with the community and help others.

When a new map or a software version are available for a Tom Tom PRO 8270/8275 the items are automatically assigned to the device and can be updated in two different ways, depending on the device location and the availability of a stable internet connection.

This can vary by manufacturer and the operating system installed on the GPS unit.

Downloading maps for the wrong system will do nothing for your GPS maps.

It is dedicated to users who are inexperienced in updating their TT, but are computer literate.

You must know how to download, unpack various archives using Win RAR, and ideally run a program from the command line.

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For more information, read the FAQ: "How to charge a PRO 8270/8275 Update via micro SD card Updating a PRO 8270/8275 via micro SD card does not require an internet connection during the update process.

However, it is necessary to download the update as a packaged zip-file via the Mobile Device Manager, store the file onto a computer and extract the content onto an empty and formatted micro SD card (minimum capacity 8GB/max. Before you can update the software on a PRO navigation device, the support application "My Drive Connect" must be installed on a computer and the navigation device must be connected to the computer via USB.

Note: To learn more about My Drive Connect and the installation process, read the FAQ: How to install My Drive Connect.

Availability check and installation When a PRO navigation device is connected to a computer with My Drive Connect installed, the support application will start automatically and inform you, if a software update is available for download and installation.