Tomboy dating

Meaning, would you date/marry some who : - enjoys rough physical acitivies (football, rugby,rodeo, etc.) -never worn girls cloths except for under things -built like a piano mover -works in a feed store and breeds livestock So, fellas?Hi Jesse James, Not built like a piano mover but I have liked some tomboys. Some girls probably like a bit of both but there are definitely some who always dress girly or tomboy and wouldn't be caught dead in the other style! Or does it depend on how you feel each time you get dressed or perhaps the occasion?I love who I am now, but have not always loved the assumptions people made about me when they looked at my clothing or behavior. And yes, although I did play softball in high school, I am still not gay. Growing up, I had friends who were girls -- little girls who liked to play with Barbies and baby dolls and play house. Don't get me wrong; I was a big Rainbow Brite fan growing up.

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But the most interesting thing to me is wondering if the style says something about the person, their taste in music, books and their career choices.

This girl likes to wear pants, shirts, caps and clothes that are generally more comfortable, definitely no high heels!

Hook her up with a 1967 Chevy C-10 with Custom Sport truck instead of a pretty, pink convertible. It's clear that dresses just aren't practical, and I preferred the clothes Ken wore to the lacy, girly things Barbie did. I will admit I do tend to censor myself quite a bit more now that I'm a mother and "respectable" wife. But I've had a potty mouth since a very young age, so I don't see the point in changing now.

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