Toolstripstatuslabel not updating updating swing components from an arbitrary thread

Typically, a Status Strip control consists of class to find, add, or remove Tool Strip Status Label objects.Although Tool Strip Status Label replaces and adds functionality to the Status Bar Panel control of previous versions, Status Bar Panel is retained for both backward compatibility and future use if you choose. A Tool Strip Item is an element such as a button, combo box, text box, or label that can be contained in a Tool Strip control or a Tool Strip Drop Down control, which is similar to a Windows context menu. Here, we will try to describe this thing in general.Text = xxxx into my code immediately after each assign my code made to my own Rad Status Strip's label element Text property. Text in your status strip, configured exactly as you had it, truncates identically to mine. It uses Outlook 2007 via a VSTO interop to list the EMails in an Outlook Data File (. I've just started writing it and so far the code just lists the EMails in one copy of the . I have yet to figure out what's going on within my own sample, but something is obviously interfering with the Rad Status Strip's label element's operation. Label "lbl Debug" to the body of the same form (not, of course, within the bounds of the Rad Status Strip). So I was now redundantly writing the same text to both the Rad Status Strip and its Rad Label Element and also to the standard Systems. Update Layout() method in between setting the Rad Label Element's Text and calling the Rad Status Strip. But the update rate doesn't seem to bother the standard Systems. Hi Nanut, I am glad to hear that you have found a suitable solution for your scenario.

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I would have expected that the "getter" for the Rad Label Element.

Text property would have flagged that the controls' layout needed to be refreshed without a separate, explicit call when the status strip's label element's Text property was set to a new value.

The Exif format and processing was previously discussed so I’ll just comment briefly on the script changes. Drawing # Hide Console Add-Type -Name Window -Namespace Console -Member Definition ' [Dll Import("Kernel32.dll")] public static extern Int Ptr Get Console Window(); [Dll Import("user32.dll")] public static extern bool Show Window(Int Ptr h Wnd, Int32 n Cmd Show); ' function Hide-Console If (-not $ps ISE) # Set Global Values $global:output = @() $global:folder Name = "" # Main Form $main Form = New-Object System.

The previous version included the below Exif tags – Add-Type -Assembly Name System.