Top 5 intimidating european grounds

Not having a stadium to call their own doesn't help the cause—the club shares the Home Depot Center with the LA Galaxy.

For the last two seasons, Chivas hasn't been able to break the 15,000 regular-season attendance per-game average.

Indeed, certain groups of supporters have taken it upon themselves to intimidate visitors to the ground, imposing themselves on away supporters.

Certain clubs can lay claim to some of the greatest supporters around, so where are the five best atmospheres in world football?

Armando, but is commonly referred to as La Bombonera, meaning the Chocolate Box, a reference to its shape - one totally flat stand along one side and then 3 other sheer sides, rising up almost vertically, giving the stadium fantastic acoustics.

This, combined with Boca's frenzied support, make it a venue to fear for the club's rivals and has lead to Boca's fans being nicknamed La Doce, "the 12th man".

If you are a Major League Soccer fan, you must be proud of the evolution the league has experienced these last several years.

celebrates the great cathedrals of world football by revealing our top 50 greatest stadiums for atmosphere.

After ruffling a few feathers by telling you our favourite foreign players in our first series of last week, we want you to tell us where we've gone right and wrong again this time. Will our number one choice cause consternation or celebration?

With Boca's army of fans in full voice it's a venue that seems, quite literally, to be rocking.

The stadium's full name is actually Estadio Alberto J.