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For every change you make and commit, you should provide a log message for that change.

That way you can later find out what changes you made and why, and you have a detailed log for your development process.

If you want to undo the addition of an item, this appears in the context menu as undo any changes which have already been committed. Then all changes of this commit are undone and a revert commit is created which need to be committed manually (cf. It is also possible to (hard) reset to a previous commit, then all commits after that are forgotten (cf.The Log Dialog retrieves all those log messages and shows them to you. Compare the selected revision with your working tree.The default Diff-Tool is Tortoise Git Merge which is supplied with Tortoise Git.If you want to undo all the changes which were committed in a particular revision, read the section called “Log Dialog” and the section called “The Repository Browser” for further information. the section called “Reset”) - this might not be recommended if the changes are already pushed (also see you revert changes you may find that the operation takes a lot longer than you expect.

Tortoisegit updating to revision