Tuxera ntfs for mac validating key

Since this is not a new issue on the system, the web already has thousands of articles and blog posts on the subject.Many solutions are available; some of them are free, and some of them are paid. Free solutions FUSE for OS X - Successor to Mac FUSE NTFS-3G Last updated 2010, pretty much abandoned in favour of the Paid version, Tuxera, unless you want to build from source.Last version linked from solutions Paragon NTFS Tuxera NTFS 1, Be aware that this feature is not complete and well-tested. Worth mentioning that the force-write-enabled driver simply damaged an NTFS volume while I was playing with it.The simplest solution would be to use Mac FUSE and NTFS-3G for Mac FUSE, though as of this post only Tuxera NTFS ( ~ USD) and PARAGON Software NTFS for OS X v.9.0 (.95 USD) support 10.7.You can grab the source for free from Tuxera for free, however.

Is there any other reliable program that 100% works with NTFS drives ?

Platform : r MBP Mountain Lion OSX 10.8 Thanks There are several programs that provide NTFS support.

However, I would hesitate to claim that any of these programs can provide 100% compatibility and support.

For 10.7 I used NTFS 3G with Mac FUSE, everything was fine.

Now with 10.8 I use Seagate free NTFS driver (the same as comercial Paragon NTFS for Mac), also works well.