Underwear dating

He doesn't play games and he doesn't mess around with hearts. He reads a lot of Edgar Allan Poe and talks about your future children, even though you've only been dating three weeks. And that is what is important to the thong-clad man. He likes old Western movies and smoking pot out of an apple pipe.He doesn't want to freak you out, but are you down to be together forever? He's the life of any party, because his sense of humor is always on point. He wants to look good (in what he imagines makes him look good) and is willing to give up a little comfort if he needs to, even though no one asked him to do that. He's not going to cover that memory up with some flabby boxers. He probably does something off the cuff manning the bar at a cool, low-key dive bar, while likely still living with his parents. Gigi Engle is Thrillist's Sex and Dating staff writer.

He doesn't get embarrassed easily and is self-aware in a way that is actually super-sexy. Follow her lovable crazy on Twitter, i Tunes, Facebook, and Instagram @Gigi Engle.

He likely doesn't even think much about his clothes at all -- he's too busy figuring out how not to pay his student loans from that private college he went to. This is the kind of guy who will open up to you about his darkest childhood memory, when he fell out of a tree and his dad told him not to cry and be a man. He's unafraid of his emotions and passions and wants you to know he's good with that. He doesn't say much -- unless he has something to say. He might be called down-to-earth by some or dirty by others: dealer's choice!

He'll bring you coffee in bed and give you head before going on a five-mile run. He isn't afraid to rock skinny jeans, and he certainly isn't worried about what anyone thinks of him. But you can tell what he's thinking just by looking into his smoldering eyes, can't you? If he's not one to wear underwear, he's not one to sweat the small stuff, probably.

I don't have underwear with cartoon characters, that'd be crazy and totally not hot at all…)Shouldn't they care less about the wrapping and more about the package itself?

The last two gentlemen lucky enough to get in or around my skinny jeans called out my boring undie choices, and recommended I purchase something that “popped.”You know, something with ~flair~.