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The trial court premised its holding: on four propositions: (1) that the "purposes" of the CAN-SPAM Act, as determined by reference to the statute and the accompanying Senate Report, suggest that Congress did not mean to preempt technological approaches to combating spam; (2) that § 7707(c) specifically exempts UT from the scope of express preemption; (3) that § 7707(b)(2), which states that "[s]tate laws not specific to electronic mail, including State trespass, contract, or tort law" are not preempted, exempts UT's anti-spam policy because that policy is part of a larger set of anti-solicitation rules; and (4) that UT's ITS policy is not a "statute, regulation, or rule of a State or political subdivision of a state" and is therefore not preempted by § 7707(b)(1).

The highest ranking is the University of Texas at Austin, placed 77 in the world, which is the flagship institution of the state’s public university system.The preemption provision was included in the CAN-SPAM Act primarily to block a California anti-spam law that was much more restrictive than Congress intended to enact under pressure from the Direct Marketing Association and other industry groups.It was not intended to interfere with an Internet service provider’s ability to regulate email traffic passing over its own system.Texas also has a strong standing in the technology, biomedical sciences and aerospace sectors.Keep reading to find out more about the top universities in Texas, and the Texan cities where you could be spending your student years.