Updating a sql recordset

Double-click Insert and Update Records and you are taken to the Data Flow tab.

Execute Query(Of Customer) _ ("SELECT c1ID as Customer ID," & _ "c2Name as Contact Name" & _ "FROM customer1 AS c1, customer2 as c2" & _ "WHERE c1.custid = c2.custid") As long as the column names in the tabular results match column properties of your entity class, LINQ to SQL creates your objects out of any SQL query.

Here are some example SQL statements that don't require additional application logic, but each database server requires different SQL syntax.

LINQ to SQL translates the queries you write into parameterized SQL queries (in text form) and sends them to the SQL server for processing.

A sort can be ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC). The following query returns results ordered by ascending columns, you can specify that an ORDER BY operation be performed according to a collation that is different from the collation of the column as defined in the table or view.

You can specify a Windows collation name or a SQL collation name.